Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I feel confident my stored items will be safe?

A. You can feel very confident your belongings will be safe at Allsafe. All of our facilities have video surveillance cameras, computerized gate access, and managers who live on-site. Most have digital video recording capabilities, audible alarms on units, and a comprehensive fire protection system.

Q. When can I access my stored items?

A. You can access your unit from 7:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, every day of the year, as long as your rent is paid current. Call the office if you temporarily need extended gate hours.

Q. Are your rates competitive?

A. Our rates are very competitive, and we can match a quote from any other comparable nearby facility. Ask the manager what discounts are available before you move in.

Q. Why shouldn't I just call a Pick-up and Delivery service?

A. There are several advantages Allsafe employs over a pick-up and delivery service. First, you can access your unit during gate hours (365 days a year) at your convenience. You don't need to call several hours in advance to make an appointment. Second, unlike pick-up and delivery, your stored items don't have to be packed to avoid damage. No one is going to pick up your storage unit and move it. Feel free to organize your unit however you want. Third, move-in or out at your convenience. You can slowly add or take away contents from your fixed storage unit, at your own pace.

Q. How can I request temporary late access?

A. Just call the office by 5pm and we'll make sure we reprogram the gate for you.

Q. Can you accept deliveries for me?

A. Yes, just fill out a waiver and leave us a key to your unit, and we'll send deliveries directly to your unit.

Q. Am I locked in to a long lease term?

A. No, you can rent for as little as 30 days. Our lease agreement is a simple month-to-month lease.

Q. Do you sell merchandise to help make moving easier?

A. Yes, all of our facilities sell merchandise of some time, from mattress covers to boxes, to packing tape. Check with your particular office for details.

Q. Are there trucks available to help me move in to my unit?

A. Yes, our San Leandro facility has a free truck you can use to help you move in to your unit. If you would like it to move in to one of our other facilities, just ask!